Barbra Annino’s Book List


The Stacy Justice World

A spellbinding series that dazzles with magic, mystery and mayhem.


Amethyst Witch

Opal Fire


Tiger’s Eye

Emerald Isle

Obsidian Curse

Phantom Quartz (Tisiphone cameo)

Jaded Witch – Coming 2020

A Tale of Three Witches – Novella

Deadly Diamonds – Novella

Witches Be Crazy – Novella

Thor and Peace – Spin-off

Thor Games – Spin-off

Geraghty Girls Recipes – Recipe Companion


The Everafter World

Fairy tales like you've never read before.  


The Bitches of Everafter

The Bitches of Enchantment

The Bitches of Oz – Coming 2020


Sin City Goddess (Stacy Justice cameo)

A heart-pounding, supernatural thriller.