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Fury Rising

If you like your heroines with an attitude and your heroes tough and no nonsense then you’ll love Tisi and Archer!


They call her the Avenger of Murder. 

Her job is to police humans and bring them to justice.

She is Fury itself. 

And if you cross her, there will be hell to pay. 


Tisiphone would rather spend her days playing poker than dealing with the awful mortals she's assigned to police. Unfortunately, her sister, Alecto, has vanished in the loud, sinful city of Las Vegas and the gods of Olympus believe only Tisi can find her. Forced to partner up with a mere mortal, FBI agent Archer Mays, and sent to a land she loathes, the Fury's temper is threatening to boil over.


On their quest to track down the missing goddess, Tisi and Archer battle danger, demons, and even their simmering attraction to one another until a sinister plot unfolds that could devastate humans and gods alike. Now, Tisiphone must set everything right fast - or be trapped in the mortal world she despises forever.

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