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Everafter Series

Laugh out loud fairy tales featuring modern-day princesses with attitude. 


What if one word changed your whole story?

In the mysterious town of Everafter, nothing is as it seems. Especially at Granny’s dilapidated half-way house. Snow White is the newest parolee and she’s determined to make the best of the situation by befriending her housemates and taking care of the property. Except the other women are guarded around Snow. And the mansion itself has secrets.

Soon, Snow gets the sense that something isn’t quite right. Why do the other women seem so familiar? Are the walls whispering to her? What’s on the third floor? Why are mirrors forbidden? And the biggest question of all—how did Snow end up in Everafter?

Determined to uncover the truth and find the answers to all her questions, Snow must embark on a dangerous mission to piece together the mysteries of the house—and its occupants.

Except someone is willing to kill to keep those secrets buried. And time is running out.


The Bitches are back and they’re royally pissed off.


Newly awakened and hell bent on reclaiming their crowns, their magic and their people, the queens are determined to break the curse of Everafter and save the United Kingdom of Enchantment from total destruction. Their allegiance solidified once more, they prepare for a battle like they’ve never fought before. With a little help from some unlikely heroes, the queens look to their leader, Snow White, who must determine friend from foe as they race against time to reclaim their happily-ever-afters.

But the clock is ticking.

Enemies are everywhere.

And they really have to pee.

Can five fierce women build an army, break a spell and defeat a diabolical villain before all is lost? Find out in The Bitches of Enchantment.

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